Come visit us at Booth 3700 to see the latest initiatives in data science and informatics from the ACR. Below are just a few of the major initiatives we have been working on. 

November 27 - December 1, 2022 -- McCormick Place - Chicago, Illinois 

ACR Connect

ACR Connect is our next generation platform that connects members to ACR services, enabling sites to participate in registries, clinical trials, and AI projects.

At the booth check out:

  • Localized data normalization
  • Data preparation for research registries 
  • Latest apps such as DIR link for upload to the Dose Index Registry


AI-LAB is the data science environment for clinicians. The interactive platform helps radiologists evaluate, research, and localize algorithms using their own organization's data. 

At the booth check out:

  • Evaluation of AI algorithms using your site's data
  • Interactive AI evaluation analytics
  • Multi-site federated learning

ACR Dart

The ACR data analysis & research toolkit (DART) is a data repository and analytic platform that offers a variety of tools for data discovery, data processing and reporting, and advanced analytics. 

At the booth check out:

  • Distributed research registries 
  • Remote annotation of distributed data 
  • Multi-site harmonization of data

AI Central

AI Central is an online resource to help users understand the evolving set of medical imaging AI products cleared for use by the FDA. 

At the booth check out:

  • How to use the interactive tool to search for AI algorithms that are relevant to your clinical area of interest
  • Details about each algorithm
  • Information on product clearance such as clinical validation


Define-AI is ACR's hub of use cases developed by radiologist consensus panels that serve as a reference for developers of Imaging AI. 

At the booth check out:

  • Over 190 use cases
  • Over 750 associated RadElement CDEs
  • The recent addition of non-interpretive use cases

DSI Projects

Distributed Research Registries

  • With ACR Connect, sites participating in research registries can now choose if their data moves centrally or if it stays local, allowing more sites to participate in research registries as they match their individual needs. All the while, to a researcher, this expanded network allows queries and analysis to be performed across the network. 

Local Data Prep

  • Using ACR Connect, sites are able to prepare, annotate, validate, and harmonize their data locally before using it to participate in a research registry, AI project, or quality registry. ACR Connect allows sites more individual control and ownership of their data in projects without having to send data offsite or using expensive data harmonizing solutions. 

Evaluating Operational AI Models

  • AI-LAB has been expanded to support AI models beyond research AI, allowing radiologists and sites to test operational and commercial AI models against their data in a safe and secure way. With this enhanced functionality, members can better understand how solutions will work at their organizations.

Remote Annotations

  • DART, in combination with ACR Connect, allows researchers to produce standardized annotations across the distributed network. This enables researchers to generate high quality, normalized annotations in datasets without the overhead of bringing all dispersed data into a centrally managed repository. 

Radiology-Pathology Concordance

  • ACR is collaborating with CAP (College of American Pathologists) to produce detailed concordance scenarios between radiology and pathology. Building upon the IHE profile for rad-path concordance, ACR and CAP are producing data element mappings between pathology and radiology for health care scenarios, such as PI-RADS and BI-RADS. These mappings allow sites and vendors to produce highly effective concordance workflows. 

Visit us at Booth 3700 in South Hall (Level 3)!