Developing AI solutions requires the efforts of many stakeholders in the community. Over 100 clinical experts contributed to the current directory including radiologists, physicists, clinical team specialists, technologists, business managers, patients and patient advocates. In coming years the directory will continue to grow. We encourage you to get involved.

Comment on use case content

As research progresses, novel ideas may form on strategies for developing AI applications. We lean on the greater community to call out those subtleties, as well as to share input that could improve future releases. Share your feedback with us at

Request panel membership

If you would like to learn more about participating on a Data Science Subspecialty Panel please email with your background. We would be happy to suggest an opportunity that leverages your expertise and interests. Current panel members are listed below.

Learn more about volunteering for the abdominal imaging panel. 

Learn more about volunteering for the cardiac imaging panel.

Propose a use case

Our technical specifications provide the basis for the radiology IT ecosystem to interpret and pass algorithm elements. Our panels accept proposals from the community to provide guidance on development and define implementation standards. If you would like to submit a use case for panel review, please complete this form or email us at

Collaborate on data access projects

The DSI is involved in a number of community projects on data access. We collaborate with facilities to curate datasets for training or testing, as well as with industry to evaluate applications according to use case specifications. We encourage you to reach out about possible collaborations. Contact us at

Current Panel Members



 Luther B. Adair, II      
 Arun Krishnaraj      
 Arnold Friedman      
 Beth McFarland      
 Kiran Thakrar      
 Andrew Smith      
 Elliot Wasser      
 Alexander Kagen      
 Namita Gandhi      
 Travis Browning      
 Scott Potenta      


 Robert Rosenberg      
 Bhavika Patel      
 John Lewin      
 Dulcy Wolverton      
 Rita Zuley      
 Laurie Fajardo      
 Linda Moy      
 Daniel L. Rubin      
 Jennifer Kohr      
 Drew Epling      
 Elizabeth Morris      
 Christoph Lee      
 Yiming Gao      
 Syam Reddy      
 Todd Hertzberg      
 Basak Dogan       
 Irfanullah Haider      
 Sadia Choudhery      
 Vanda Dialani      
 Dorothy Sippo      
 Celin Chacko      
 Hari Trivedi      
 Sarah Eskreis-Winkler      
 Ann Brown      


 Carlo De Cecco      
 Tessa Cook      
 James Min      
 Peter Dimitrov Filev      
 David Wymer      
 Marly Van Assen      
 Akos Varga-Szemes      
 Benoit Desjardins  LinkedIn Profile  Twitter Account  
 Kim Brockenbrough      
 Moritz Albrecht      
 Caterina Monti      
 Giuseppe Muscogiuri      


 Jeremy Durack
 Edward Lee      
 Kevin Seals      
 Gowthaman Gunabushanam      
 Dania Daye      
 Kevin Dickey      
 Raj Shah      
 Scott Burner      
 Julius Chapiro      
 Josh Tan      


 Jay Patti      
 Martin Torriani      
 Woojin Kim    Twitter Account  
 Dan Chernoff      
 Munib Sana      
 David Sandman      
 Allan Chiunda    Twitter Account  
 Leon Lenchik      
 Douglas Mintz      


 Alex Norbash      
 Niogi Sumit      
 Eric Bressler      
 Gaurang Shah      
 Ayis Pyyros      
 Houman Sotoudeh      
 Jeff Rudie      
 Chris Whitlow      
 Apostolos John Tsiouris      
 Adam Flanders      
 Akash Shah      


 Reid Thompson      
 Olivier Morin      
 Clifton Fuller      
 Sanjay Aneja      
 Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer      
 Alex Guimaraes       


 Steven Blumer      
 John McKenzie      
 Viet Thien Le      
 Rahul Nikam      
 Alexander Towbin      
 Morgan McBee      
 Neil Lall    Twitter Account  
 Safwan Halabi      
 Seth Crapp      


 Alexander Towbin      
 Adam Prater      
 Woojin Kim    Twitter Account  
 Dan Siegal      
 Safwan Halabi      
 Garry Choy      
 Raymond Liu      
 Lindsey Shea      
 Ben Wandtke      
 Juan Battle      
 Nina Kottler      
 Summer Kaplan      
 Nadja Kadom      
 Shlomit Goldberg-Stein      
 Rich Heller      
 Olga Brook      
 Stephen Hobbs      
 Ross Filice      
 Roger Boodoo      
 Peter Chang      
 Jason Itri      
 McKinley Glover      
 Jeffrey Seabourn      
 Melissa Davis      
 Chris Sistrom      
 Namita Gandhi      
 Michael Moore      
 Seth Berkowitz      
 Anand Patel      
 Marta Heilbrun      
 Andy Schemmel      
 Luciano Prevedello      
 Morgan McBee      
 Seth Crapp      
 Mary Ellen Jafari      
 Vikram Krishnasetty      
 Alex Ding      
 Allen Goode      
 Jacqui Rose      
 Hari Trivedi      
 Da Zhang      
 Andrew Woodward      
 Andrea Borondy-Kitts      
 Amanda Crowell Itliong      
 David Andrews      
 Jeff Chang      
 Jennifer Broder      
 Worth Saunders      
 Samuel Brady      


 Carol Wu      
 Eric Stern      
 Ritu Gill      
 Stephen Hobbs      
 Christopher Gange      
 Alex Bratt      
 Scott Adams      
 Lea Azour      
 Tom Wurfel      
 John Newell      
 Raym Geis      
 Ashley Prosper      
 Stephen Humphries      
 Warren Gefter      

Previous Panel Members


Elizabeth Burnside
Jennifer Harvey    


 John Nance      


 Matt Hawkins      
 Erin Schwartz      
 Dawn Hastreiter      


 Ashley Prosper      
 Travis Browning