To accelerate the development and adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in clinical practice, radiologists need to be empowered to create AI tools at their own U.S. institutions, to meet their own patient needs. ACR AI-LAB™ offers radiologists tools designed to help them learn the basics of AI and participate directly in the creation, validation and use of health care AI.

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Accelerating radiologists contributions to AI

With the freely available vendor-neutral framework that ACR AI-LAB offers, radiologists will learn to use AI tools to meet their local needs.

AI-LAB will allow radiologists to:

  • Learn the basics of AI
  • Explore the use of AI in their practices
  • Collaborate and contribute to the development of AI models for diagnostic imaging
  • Create AI models tailored to their local patient population

Protecting patient data

Current developments in AI to improve patient care are being driven by research happening primarily at institutions with extensive informatics and data science resources — and primarily using single-institution patient data. Although AI algorithms are more effective when trained across a wide and diverse array of clinical data, sharing data outside an institution is difficult due to patient privacy concerns.

With ACR AI-LAB, developers will have access to a broader array of patient data to improve algorithm diversity and diminish algorithm bias as compared to single-institution data sources. This could potentially accelerate the development of AI for diagnostic radiology, generating new solutions for patient care.

ACR AI-LAB Webinar

ACR AI-LAB offers a hands-on approach to educate radiologists on AI and demystify the process as algorithms are developed, trained and validated. View the free webinar ACR AI-LAB: Bringing AI to Routine Clinical Practice  to learn more.