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SIIM-ACR Data Science Summit

This year’s pre-event will cover everything from data to diagnostics with a focus on ethics in artificial intelligence (AI). As AI continues to advance the field of radiology, it’s imperative to ensure medical imaging AI is tested, transparent and trustworthy. 
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SIIM-ACR Data Science Summit

AI Central

The most complete and up to date searchable directory of commercially available imaging AI products in the U.S., with a focus on empowering medical professionals to access more-transparent AI product information and make better AI purchases.


DSI Use Cases

DSI use cases are scenarios where AI may help improve medical imaging care. They help to ensure that AI tools provide needed information, can be implemented into workflow, and have the potential to improve patient care

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ACR AI-LAB offers radiologists tools designed to help them learn the basics of AI and participate directly in the creation, validation and use of health care AI.

AI-LAB will allow radiologists to:

Learn the basics of AI and explore the use of AI in their practices
Collaborate and contribute to the development of AI models for diagnostic imaging
Create AI models tailored to their local patient population


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