Pew Research Meeting on AI in Healthcare Held

The Data Science Institute (DSI) recently attended a two-day meeting at Pew Research Center in Washington D.C. The meeting was focused on discussing the results of the Pew Research Survey of the AI Landscape in Health Care. The DSI played an important role in this effort, serving as subject matter experts for the survey. 

The goal of the meeting was to create policy recommendations for the safe and effective use of AI in the healthcare industry. The results of the survey were presented and discussed by the attendees, including DSI CMO Dr. Allen, and Q&S and Informatics Commission Chairs Drs. Larson and Wald. The outcome of the meeting will be a paper that provides policy recommendations, including the importance of having an honest broker to evaluate AI algorithms for their safety and effectiveness. 

The DSI and ACR have demonstrated their expertise in the field of AI and their commitment to ensuring that the technology is used in a safe and effective manner in healthcare. The team's involvement in the Pew Research Survey and the subsequent policy recommendations will be an important step in advancing the use of AI in healthcare for the betterment of patients.