Nine New Products Added to AI Central in May 2023

ACR Data Science Institute AI Central has been updated with nine new products based on user feedback. With this latest update, we see many newly cleared FDA products designed for cardiothoracic imaging. 

New products include: 


  • Developed and sold by: Medipixel, Inc. 
  • When the quantified results provided by MPXA-2000 are used in a clinical setting on X-ray images of an individual patient, they can be used to support the clinical decisions making for the diagnosis of the patient or the evaluation of the treatment applied. 

FlightPlan for Embolization

  • Developed and sold by: GE Medical Systems 
  • Helps the analysis of 3D X-ray angiography images. Its output is intended to be used by physicians as an adjunct means to help visualize vasculature during the planning phase of embolization procedures. 

Viz AAA 

  • Developed and sold by: Viz. ai, inc. 
  • Assists hospital networks and vascular or endovascular specialists in workflow triage by flagging and prioritizing studies with suspected abdominal aortic aneurysms during routine patient care. 

Spectral Bone Marrow 

  • Developed and sold by: GE Medical Systems 
  • This automated image processing software application utilizes deep learning technology for bone segmentation, to facilitate optimized visualization of bone marrow in spectral body and extremity CT images.   


  • Developed and sold by: Perspectum Diagnostics Ltd. 
  • This medical image management and processing software package allows the display, analysis and post-processing of DICOM compliant medical images and MR data. It provides both viewing and analysis capabilities to ascertain quantified metrics of multiple organs such as the heart, lungs, liver, spleen, pancreas and kidney. 

Rapid NCCT Stroke 

  • Developed and sold by: iSchemaView Inc. 
  • Assists hospital networks and trained clinicians in workflow triage by flagging and communicating suspected positive findings of (1) head CT images for Intracranial Hemorrhage (ICH) and (2) NCCT large vessel occlusion (LVO) of the ICA and MCA-M1. 

BoneView .1-US 

  • Developed and sold by: Gleamer 
  • Analyses radiographs using machine learning techniques to identify and highlight fractures during the review of radiographs of the: ankle, foot, knee, tibula/fibula, femur, wrist, hand, elbow, forearm, humerus, shoulder, clavicle, pelvis, hip, ribs, thoracic spine and lumbosacral spine. Intended for use as a concurrent reading aid during the interpretations of radiographs. 

Advantis Platform  

  • Developed and sold by: Advantis Medical Imaging Single Member P.C. 
  • Provides analysis and visualization capabilities of dynamic MRI data of the brain and prostate, presenting the derived properties and parameters in a clinically useful context. 

Emory Cardiac Toolbox 4.3

  • Developed and sold by: Syntermed
  • Used for the quantification of myocardial perfusion for the display of wall motion and quantification of left-ventricular function parameters from SPECT & PET myocardial perfusion studies (EGS™), including to quantitatively evaluate the wall motion and wall thickening of the heart using longitudinal, radial, and circumferential strain measurements, for the 3D alignment of coronary artery models from CT coronary angiography onto the left ventricular 3D epicardial surface and analysis of the CT data to evaluate calcified plaques in the coronary arteries, for the assessment of cardiac mechanical dyssynchrony using phase analysis, for generation of the short axis, vertical, and horizontal long axis tomograms from the SPECT raw data using either filtered back projection (FBP) or iterative reconstruction (MLEM/OSEM), for the quantification of myocardial blood flow and coronary flow reserve, and for the decision support in interpretation (LVX) and automatic structured reporting of the study. 

About AI Central: The AI Central database is intended to provide easy-to-access, detailed information regarding FDA cleared AI medical products related to radiology and other imaging domains and is frequently updated with new products and features. AI Central’s editorial board and staff continuously review data from FDA public facing documents, vendor information and physician feedback to provide users with up-to-date information to help make appropriate purchasing decisions.