New Products and Features Added to AI Central

ACR Data Science Institute's AI Central has been updated with the latest products and new features based on user feedback. With this latest update, we see many newly cleared FDA products designed for computed tomography (CT) scans of the brain.

New products:


  • Developed and sold by: YIWEI Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Performs image viewing, processing, analysis and communication of computed tomography (CT) perfusion scans of the brain.

AVIEW Lung Nodule CAD

  • Developed and sold by: Coreline Soft Co., Ltd.
  • Provides adjunctive information to alert the radiologists to regions of interest with suspected lung nodules that may otherwise be overlooked.

Brainomix 360 e-ASPECTS

  • Developed and sold by: Brainomix Limited
  • Assists clinicians in the assessment and characterization of brain tissue abnormalities using CT image data.


  • Developed and sold by: MRIguidance B.V
  • Visualizes the bone structures in MRI images with enhanced contrast with respect to the surrounding soft tissue, specifically in the pelvic region, which includes the bony anatomy of the sacrum, hip bones, and femoral heads, as well as the lumbar spine region, which includes the bony anatomy of the vertebrae from L3 to S1.

Videa Perio Assist

  • Developed and sold by: VideaHealth, Inc.
  • Aids dental professionals in the measurements and visualization of mesial and distal bone levels associated with each tooth from bitewing and periapical radiographs

Rapid RV/LV

  • Developed and sold by: iSchemaView Inc.
  • Measures the maximal diameters of the right and left ventricles of the heart from a volumetric CTPA acquisition and report the ratio of those measurements for adults.


  • Developed and sold by: DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd
  • Intended for non-invasive processing of ultrasound images to detect, measure, and calculate relevant medical parameters of structures and function of patients with suspected disease. It also has the ability to provide Quality Score feedback.


  • Developed and sold by: Aidoc Medical, Ltd.
  • Assists hospital networks and appropriately trained medical specialists in workflow triage by flagging and communicating suspect cases of three or more acute Rib fracture (RibFx) pathologies.

QOCA Image Smart CXR Image Processing System

  • Developed and sold by: Quanta Computer Inc.
  • Analyzes chest X-ray images of adult patients, and then identifies cases with suspected pneumothorax. This product is used in conjunction with Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS).

Clarius AI

  • Developed and sold by: Clarius Mobile Health Corp.
  • Semi-automatically places calipers for non-invasive measurements of musculoskeletal structures (e.g., Achilles’ tendon, plantar fascia, patellar tendon) on ultrasound data acquired by the Clarius Ultrasound Scanner (i.e., L7 and L15).

PerfusionGo Plus

  • Developed and sold by: Yukun (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Performs image processing, analysis, and communication of computed tomography (CT) perfusion scans of the brain.

Vitrea Software Package, VSTP-002A

  • Developed and sold by: Canon Medical Systems
  • Allows the processing, review, analysis, communication and media interchange of multi-dimensional digital images acquired from a variety of imaging devices.


  • Developed and sold by: Motilent Ltd.
  • Derives motion related parameters from abdominal data obtained during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Aids trained physicians in advanced image assessment, treatment consideration, and monitoring of therapeutic response.

New Features:

You’re giving us feedback on AI Central and we’re listening. In addition to the expanded library of products, we implemented several quality-of-life updates to our graphs to make it easier to dive into the data:

  • A bar chart of products split by anatomical region
  • Cleaner and more concise directional layout
  • Quick and easy-to-read totals added to all charts
  • Hovering over a bar will give additional details and totals of each FDA category

About AI Central: The AI Central database is intended to provide easy-to-access, detailed information regarding FDA cleared AI medical products related to radiology and other imaging domains and is frequently updated with new products and features. AI Central’s editorial board and staff continuously review data from FDA public facing documents, vendor information and physician feedback to provide users with up-to-date information to help make appropriate purchasing decisions.