Hackathon Testing ACR's Platform-Model Communication for AI

In conjunction with its Virtual 2020 Imaging Informatics Summit , ACR will be hosting a Hackathon to allow interested parties to test the model API. In partnership with The Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM)  there will be datasets available for COVID 19, Subdural Hematoma, and Lung Nodule use cases from the ACR DSI Define-AI Directory. A website will be available to send registered systems API inference requests. In addition, live endpoints will be available — to pull data from and store artifacts — for complete workflow testing. The website will be available for testing during the week of the Virtual 2020 Imaging Informatics Summit when it will be staffed for questions and assistance. It will remain in place afterwards with limited email support.

You can assist ACR and DICOM Working Group 23 further if you are creating DICOM SR as an artifact, by both creating the DICOM SR and storing it to a SIIM endpoint, and if possible, creating a Supplement 219  version and posting it to the provided S3 endpoint or emailing it to Hackathon support.

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