DSI Demonstrates Advances in AI at RSNA 2022

The American College of Radiology (ACR) demonstrated the latest advancements in medical imaging technology at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) conference in November 2022. The ACR booth showcased the capabilities of the DSI (Data Science Institute), which has been working to develop innovative solutions for the healthcare industry.

One of the demonstrations at the booth was the Hybrid Registry, a decentralized data management system that facilitates remote access to data for analysis. This system leverages the ACR’s DART platform for data analysis and the ACRConnect for local data integration.

The DSI also demonstrated the integration of ACR Connect with third party systems to enable sites to extend their local knowledge and expertise into ACR services. Once such example was an integration with Rhino Health, demonstrating how ACR Connect and Rhino Health can lower the barrier to participating with research registries.

Another demonstration was the integration between AI-LAB and a commercial cloud-based AI products, with an example from Whiterabbit. This solution allows healthcare facilities to explore commercial applications using their own data within the AI-LAB environment. By adding a cloud algorithm option, local users can securely send de-identified data temporarily to an ACR-hosted instance of the commercial algorithm and receive site-specific results. This capability enables organizations without local compute power and expertise to evaluate algorithms on local data with low overhead.

These demonstrations helped showcase the DSI team's dedication to developing technology solutions that meet the changing needs of the healthcare industry.