ACR Director co-authors article about Photoacoustic Imaging in 'Spie'

Brian Bialecki, director of IT standards and interoperability, co-authored an article for Spie, the international society for optics and photonics. The article, written with Allison Bertrand, the director of software interoperability at Seno Medical Instruments, discusses the new imaging modality, Photoacoustic Imaging (PA). 

“Photoacoustic imaging (PA), also known as optoacoustic imaging (OA), uses one or more laser wavelengths tuned to specific biological features to, in turn, induce ultrasonic waves in tissue," the authors said. PA has been explored in research and pre-clinical settings since the 1990s and is approved for clinical use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its European counterparts. 

“The advent of a new imaging modality is a diagnostic game-changer, and the broad adoption of new technology requires a clear path for integration into the clinical workflow,” the authors said. 

Bialecki and Bertrand co-chair DICOM Working Group 34, which was established in 2020 specifically for PA. The working group followed DICOM’s rigorous supplement process to create the clinical DICOM Photoacoustic Imaging Information Object Definition; the final text version was approved and released in DICOM standard 2023c. 

To learn more about Photoacoustic Imaging, read the full article in Spie