SIIM-ACR Data Science Summit 2023: Exploring the Value of AI to Harness the Future

Many of us are thinking now may be the right time to start deploying AI-enabled imaging tools in our practices but are facing difficulty in articulating a value proposition that resonates with our hospital leadership. Join us at this year's SIIM-ACR Data Science Summit, co-hosted with the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) meeting in Austin, Texas, on Tuesday, June 13. We'll delve into innovative ways to build a strong value proposition for AI in your practice, ensuring you can present a compelling case to hospital administrators. Kicking off the Summit, Dr. Richard Bruce, Vice Chair of Informatics at the University of Wisconsin, will deliver the opening keynote, "Establishing an AI Value Proposition at Your Institution." Discover how crafting a unique blend of traditional and creative "outside-the-box" strategies can pave the way for the widespread and equitable adoption of AI in your practice. 

Medical economics leaders from ACR’s Commission on Economics will explore and update the current AI coding and reimbursement environment in the federal fee-for-service payment system as well as compare the current situation for garnering AI reimbursement to payment policies established for other innovative technologies. They will explore novel opportunities in the traditional payment systems and how AI plays a prominent role in value-based alternate payment models. 

The ethical use of AI in medical imaging requires that the use of AI should not be limited to major academic medical centers or certain population groups. In our session on the equitable use of AI, we will explore the challenges of providing trustworthy AI-enhanced imaging tools across all practice settings and how potentially under-represented population groups, including children, should be able to benefit from AI tools tailored to their needs. 

The successful integration of AI in clinical practice hinges on the establishment of a comprehensive quality program within healthcare institutions. Our Summit co-chair, Dr. Howard Chen, will lead an insightful session discussing the crucial aspects of evaluating, deploying, and monitoring AI tools in the medical field. This session will cover various aspects of the process, including the selection of appropriate AI algorithms, effective implementation in clinical workflows, and ongoing assessment of AI-driven outcomes to ensure continuous improvement. The conversation will also delve into the resources required to establish and maintain these programs at the institutional level, ranging from technical infrastructure and skilled personnel to adequate funding and supportive policies. Recognizing the integral role that such resources play in promoting AI adoption, we will the importance of incorporating these considerations into the broader value equation in the context of this Summit’s theme of AI utilization and economics. 

The Summit will also have a session this year moderated by Christoph Wald, ACR Informatics Commission Chair, and Bibb Allen, ACR DSI Chief Medical Officer. This session will update attendees on available resources from the ACR DSI as they begin to deploy and use AI in their practices. We will also have a segment led by Dr. Keith Dreyer, ACR DSI Chief Science Officer, where he will explore generative AI and the use of Large Language Models, such as ChatGPT, in healthcare and radiology. 

The 2023 SIIM-ACR Data Science Summit aims to empower radiologists, data scientists, and industry leaders with the knowledge, resources, and tools necessary to confidently advocate for and implement AI in their practices. By offering insights on developing value propositions, ethical considerations, and the practical aspects of AI deployment, the Summit will provide a comprehensive platform for addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with AI in medical imaging. With a focus on equitable access, integration into clinical workflows, and the broader economic implications of AI, this year's Summit is poised to contribute significantly to the ongoing dialogue and exploration of AI's potential in revolutionizing healthcare. Whether attending virtually or in person in Austin, Texas, the 2023 Data Science Summit offers a unique opportunity for attendees to collaborate, learn, and engage with the critical issues shaping the future of AI in medical imaging. 

Bibb Allen, Jr., MD, FACR | ACR DSI Chief Medical Officer | Diagnostic Radiologist, Grandview Medical Center, Birmingham, AL 

Po-Hao "Howard" Chen, MD, MBA | Chief Imaging Informatics Officer, IT Medical Director for Enterprise Radiology, and Staff Radiologist in Musculoskeletal Imaging | Cleveland Clinic 

SIIM-ACR Data Science Summit 2023: Exploring the Value of AI to Harness the Future

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