Solving Today's Informatics Problems, Building Tomorrow's Solutions

The ACR Imaging Informatics Summit is returning to Washington, D.C. with both in person and virtual content, Oct. 22-23, 2022. This marks the fourth consecutive Informatics Summit that brings together radiologists, practice leaders, informaticists, industry, and policy makers to discuss the ever-evolving landscape that is imaging informatics.

This year’s program — under the theme of “Solving Today’s Informatics Problems, Building Tomorrow’s Solutions” — features content designed to appeal to those with all levels of experience, from those just starting to build an informatics program to those intent on bringing an idea to industry. It also covers all practice environments: private practice, academic, and industry.

Benefiting from a fantastic panel of expert speakers, we are confident that this year’s Informatics Summit content will be a thought-provoking experience from start to finish. Our keynote speaker, Daniel J. Durand, MD, will share how telehealth, AI, top-of-license practice, and point-of-care diagnostics are changing the way we practice today. He’ll delve into both the broad implications of these trends and how the contemporary radiology practice model is changing, before addressing what areas outside of radiology suggest could lie ahead for us.

Building AI Infrastructure — From People to Products

By virtue of developing and optimizing the intersection of IT and medical imaging, imaging informatics is inherently part of every radiology practice. Moving beyond the baseline of PACS/RIS toward technology solutions that improve patient care and enhance the experience of the practicing radiologist requires a multifaceted team. This year’s summit supports those organizations that are early in the process of identifying their AI talent pool, as well as those looking to expand and empower their teams to tackle new challenges and practice growth. Recognizing that the solutions built for our own teams might be of interest to the radiology community at large, a panel of experts will guide attendees through the process of commercializing their great ideas and making them successful.

Facilitating Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Moving towards the ACR Imaging 3.0 vision of value-based imaging care requires radiologists to move out of their silos and collaborate with interdepartmental and interdisciplinary teams that work together to advance patient care. This includes collaboration among multidisciplinary informatics teams. As a use case, we’ll discuss opportunities to move to the next level of radiology-pathology correlation through collaborative, multidisciplinary AI work. And we’ll hear how new approaches for extracting and collating data from both imaging and clinical sources are facilitating interdisciplinary collaborations that enhance phenotype discovery, decision support and quality improvement.

Advancing Health Equity

Recognizing the rapid pace at which AI and machine learning are becoming integrated into not only research but clinical care, we remain mindful of the impact that these tools make on our ability to deliver equitable healthcare. Careful evaluation of the data sets used to develop algorithms and their relevance to the patient populations where they are applied is critical. At the summit, we will discuss the new opportunities that could enable informatics tools to both improve and extend healthcare for underserved populations.

Establishing Best Practices and Trends

For fledgling and established informatics teams alike, efficient and adaptive problem solving is essential to achieving consistent results. Our speakers will address current and near-future hot topics facing radiology informatics groups, including tackling cybersecurity threats, lowering the hurdles for adoption of clinical decision support tools, and addressing the inefficiencies of disc-based image transfer.

One of the biggest benefits of being back together for in-person events is learning from each other. This year’s program includes time for both speed-mentoring and casual interactions with likeminded attendees who face opportunities and challenges similar to your own. As an added bonus, the Informatics Summit immediately follows the ACR’s Quality and Safety Conference in Washington, D.C., providing a convenient way for attendees to take advantage of back-to-back CME content.

Don’t miss out! Register today to reserve your seat.

Ashley Prosper, MD ACR 2022 Imaging Informatics Summit Co-Chair | Section Chief, Cardiothoracic Imaging and Co-Director of UCLA Lung Screening Program

Solving Today's Informatics Problems, Building Tomorrow's Solutions

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