The American College of Radiology Data Science Institute™ empowers the advancement, validation, and implementation of artificial intelligence in medical imaging for improved patient care.

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ACR Data Science Institute Meets with FDA on AI regulatory Issues

WASHINGTON — ACR Data Science Institute™ (DSI) efforts to advance development of safe and effective artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for medical imaging and radiological sciences are picking up speed.

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ACR Data Science Institute™ Hosts International Field of AI Experts

RESTON — On Sept. 25, the ACR Data Science Institute hosted an international group of leading artificial intelligence (AI) experts, AI researchers, medical device vendors and physicians. This medical imaging AI summit is one of many pacesetting steps the ACR has taken to build consensus around a vendor-neutral DSI framework that helps to ensure the benefits of AI technologies are maximized for improved patient care.

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Latest AI Assistant Blog Posts

Getting Acquainted with AI in Medical Imaging

A list of resources curated by an IT manager provides a starting point.
By John Gagnon | IT Manager | Nov. 3, 2017

So you want to learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI) but don’t know where to start? A Google search for “resources for artificial intelligence” yields more than 25 million results, so it’s understandable why you might feel overwhelmed. Adding “in radiology” prunes the list down to an only slightly less cumbersome 459,000 results. What follows is a brief collection of resources culled from these nearly half-million hits — a starting point to help you learn the basics of AI in medical imaging.

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The Future Radiologist

With the advent of artificial intelligence, the best radiologists will no longer be those with the sharpest eyes.
By Arun Krishnaraj, MD, MPH | Physician | Sept. 6, 2017

Dr. Abadi enters the dimly lit reading room for the first time since her medical student rotations in radiology. After a grueling intern year in surgery, she appreciates the relative calm of the reading room and looks forward to beginning her radiology residency. As she logs into her workstation for the first time, she turns to an upper-level resident and asks, “So who’s the best radiologist in the department?”

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Latest Resources

ML 101: The Radiologist's Basic Guide

From IBM's Watson to CAD, most radiologists have heard of machine learning. But do you know how this technique is already used in the field? Plus, what does the future hold? The ACR Bulletin brings you FAQs so you can be sure to have the basics down pat.

Radiology Leadership Institute Episode 108: Artificial Intelligence Part 1

Mark Michalski, MD, executive director of the Center for Clinical Data Science at Massachusetts General and Brigham Hospital, joins us as we discuss the history of AI, how it's being used today, how it might change radiology, and how radiologists can leverage this new technology to provide even more value and better patient care.

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Upcoming Events

Nov. 1-2, 2017

NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference

Washington, D.C. Read More
Nov. 26-Dec. 1, 2017

RSNA 2017

Chicago Bibb Allen, Jr., MD, ACR DSI chief medical officer, and Keith J. Dreyer, DO, PhD, ACR DSI chief science officer, will present at 12:30 p.m. during the Machine Learning Showcase. Dreyer will also lead several informatics/AI courses as detailed in the conference program. Read More
Feb. 28-March 4, 2018

European Congress of Radiology

Vienna, Austria Keith J. Dreyer, DO, PhD, ACR DSI Chief Science Officer, will lead refresher courses during the conference. Read More