Non-Interpretive Panel Call for Volunteers

The Non-Interpretive Panel within the America College of Radiology® Data Science Institute® is recruiting volunteers to help create use case content around machine learning algorithms related to non-interpretive AI.


Request panel membership

To learn more about participating on the Non-Interpretive Panel, please complete this form or email with your background. We would be happy to suggest an opportunity that leverages your expertise and interests.

We are recruiting for the following subpanels:

  • Patient Facing
  • Business Facing
  • Population Health Facing
  • Ordering Provider Facing
  • Reading Room Facing
  • Technologist Facing


Propose a use case

Proposals are now being accepted to provide guidance on development and define implementation standards. Explore a list of our current ideas or submit your idea for a use case for panel review by completing this form or emailing us.

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