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Purpose: Help radiologists recognize the findings of COVID-19 infection as seen on chest CT exams and reduce variability in reporting these findings to referring providers. This is based on the four-category COVID-19 reporting system described by the joint RSNA, ACR, and STR consensus statement.

Click here to view the RSNA, ACR, and STR consensus

Covid-19 CT

Description: The tool integrates with the radiologist’s report generating system and presents a choice of the four categories (Typical, Indeterminate, Atypical, and Negative). For ease of reference, this can be entered using an infographic that outlines the imaging findings associated with each category as well as some example images for the non-negative categories.

How to use: The radiologist should describe the imaging findings on the exam using their own language as usual in the Findings section of the report. In the Impression section of the report, the radiologist can activate the Assist tool and choose the appropriate category for the study from either the infographic or the pick tool; the tool will insert the standardized language into the impression section of their report. The radiologist can include any additional language in the impression that may be required.

Note: By default, the generated standardized language will include the RSNA/ACR/STR proposed codes in square brackets (e.g., “[Cov19Typ]”). If this behavior is not desired, the tool allows the radiologist to turn this feature off.


Tarik Alkasab, MD
Bernardo C. Bizzo Esq, MD
Brent P Little, MD
Kim L. Sandler, MD
Efren J. Flores, MD
ACR Team
 Timelines  Descriptions
 March 26, 2020 Initiative for the COVID-19 Assist Module creation began with a graphic provided by the content owners.
 March 30, 2020 First meeting took place to discuss details and assign tasks .Updated graphic was created and reviewed.
 March 30 - 31, 2020 Several working meetings took place to craft the COVID-19 module using the CARDS 2.0 Schema.
 April 01 - 10, 2020 The module was reviewed and modified based on input from subject matter experts.
 April 13, 2020 This webpage was set up during this week to provide information and give a web-based simulation of the COVID-19 module.

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Coming Soon: This page will contain an integrated simulation of the COVID-19 module.

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