Getting Acquainted with AI in Medical Imaging

A list of resources curated by an IT manager provides a starting point.


So you want to learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI) but don’t know where to start? A Google search for “resources for artificial intelligence” yields more than 25 million results, so it’s understandable why you might feel overwhelmed. Adding “in radiology” prunes the list down to an only slightly less cumbersome 459,000 results. What follows is a brief collection of resources culled from these nearly half-million hits — a starting point to help you learn the basics of AI in medical imaging.


A Primer on Machine Learning (ACR Bulletin)

Machine Learning Special Issue (ACR Bulletin)

Machine Learning and Radiology (National Center for Biotechnology)

Resources on AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning (Canadian Association of Radiologists

My Curated List of AI and Machine Learning Resources from Around the Web (Unsupervised Methods)

Implementing Machine Learning in Radiology Practice and Research (American Journal of Roentgenology)

Machine Intelligence in Medical Imaging Online Group (Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine)

Deep Learning in Medical Imaging: General Overview (Korean Society of Radiology)

A.I. VERSUS M.D. (The New Yorker - Annals of Medicine April 3, 2017 Issue)

Adapting to Artificial Intelligence: Radiologists and Pathologists as Information Specialists (Journal of the American Medical Association)


SPR 2017 Introduction to Machine Learning in Radiology (The Society for Pediatric Radiology)

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence: Do Deep-Learning Machines Still Need Human Radiologists (ACR 2017)


Leadership Insider Podcast Episode 108: Artificial Intelligence Part 1 Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Radiology (Radiology Leadership Institute)

Leadership Insider Podcast Episode 109: Artificial Intelligence Part 2 Artificial Intelligence: Insights from Pathology (Radiology Leadership Institute)

Eps 12: How AI Can Improve the Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease (Nvidia)

Now that you have foundational knowledge about AI in medical imaging, I encourage you to build on it by seeking out additional resources and applying what you learn in your practice to improve patient care.

By John Gagnon, MBA, CIIP, radiology IT manager at Lahey Hospital Medical Center